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Delicious, nutritious, easy plant-based meals
to have any carnivore ready to devour their fruits and veggies.  


Sweet Magnolia Bakery

Got a raging sweet tooth? I can fix that with my vegan and gluten-free (optional) cakes, cupcakes, & pies.  


Becoming vegan

Hi, I'm Dawn! An everyday meat eater turned vegan cook and baker extraordinaire. When I became vegan in 2019 it was a simple thirty-day challenge that stuck. 

While transitioning, I loved to show my friends and family the substitution recipes I created. 

That is why I started this blog: Yummy Vegan Grub.


I am always on the hunt for yummy recipes, snacks, and vegan-friendly restaurants. I believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice taste and only eat variations of salad to be vegan. You can still eat a lot of the foods you love...just vegan style.

This includes love for sweets too. As an avid baker, I have my own bakery, Sweet Magnolia, which has gluten-free options, as well!

Whether you're a newbie vegan, looking to start Meatless Mondays, or just on the hunt for recipes to experiment in the kitchen. You've come to the right place, enjoy and Bon appetite. 

"I can't say enough about the delicious cupcakes I got from Yummy Vegan Grub! They were so rich and delicious, and the icing was some of the best I've ever had! I cannot BELIEVE they were vegan. I'm so excited for my next order!"


"Everything I've had here is so, so delicious. Cupcakes, pies and cookies...seriously just the best! I look forward to many future orders. I highly recommend!"

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