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Tofu Scramble Taco

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I was wanting something yummy for breakfast, and also something I could eat for breakfast over the next few days. I was looking through my Thug Kitchen cookbook and landed on this yummy recipe.

I love this cookbook because every recipe I have tried so far is delicious. Be warned, the language is crude, but I find it funny. I would recommend looking passed the language because the recipes are phenomenal!

If you are struggling to find a vegan friendly tortilla, Siete Tortillas are the bomb! This tortilla is made with almond flour and grain free.

This recipe also taste just as good on the second day for breakfast! This will definitely be a staple in my breakfast rotation.

Thanks #thugkitchen for this "slap your mama good" recipe! Here's my video of me preparing this yummy meal.

I hope you enjoy this yummy meal as much as I did.

Your turn: What is your favorite breakfast meal?

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