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Vegan Mozzarella Chick'N

(modified from kylecooks)


Olive oil

2 (12oz) plantbased chick'n

1 onion (diced)

4 garlic cloves (minced)

1/2 cup water

2 (14oz) cans diced tomatoes

4 tbsp vegan pesto

2 tsp italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

2 cups nondairy Mozzarella (

1lb linguine (cooked)


  • In an oven-proof skillet, heat 1 tbsp of oil over medium-high heat.

  • Cook plant-based chicken until it starts to brown. Remove from pan and set aside.

  • Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in the pan. Saute the onions and garlic cook until soft.

  • Deglaze the pan with water, scraping up the onions and garlic. Add the diced tomatoes, pesto, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper, stir it all together.

  • Bring to a simmer, turn down low and cook for 10 minutes.

  • Make linguine according to package.

  • prepare mozzarella (if making from scratch)

  • Taste sauce and add more seasoning if needed.

  • Combine plant-based chicken with sauce and mix well.

  • Add mozzarella on top set oven proof pan under the broiler until melted and browned on top.

  • Enjoy with cooked linguine!


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